As a service to members and thanks to the generosity of Gillian Rix, the following books are available for loan from the collection of her late husband, the publisher Tim Rix.  Contact or phone 01279 739345.

Henry-Louis de La Grange
Mahler. Volume 1 (1860-1897). 
Gollancz.  1974. 

Henry-Louis de La Grange 
Gustav Mahler: Volume 2: Vienna: The Years of Challenge (1897-1904). 
OUP.  1995.

Henry-Louis de La Grange
Gustav Mahler.  Volume 3: Vienna: Triumph and Disillusion (1904-1907). 
OUP.  1999.

David Holbrook.
Gustav Mahler and The Courage To Be. 
Vision.  1975.

Herta Blaukopf (Ed)
Mahler's Unknown Letters. 
Gollancz. 1986.

Alma Mahler and Donald Mitchell (Ed). 
Gustav Mahler: Memories and Letters.
John Murray.  1973.

Jonathan Carr 
The Real Mahler. 
Constable.  1997.

Michael Kennedy
The Master Musicians: Mahler. 
Dent.  1974.

Norman Lebrecht
Mahler Remembered. 
Faber & Faber.  1987  [2 copies]

Egon Gartenberg
Mahler: The Man and His Music. 
Cassell.  1978.

Kurt Blaukopf (Ed) 
Mahler: A Documentary Study. 
Thames & Hudson.  1976.

Henry Raynor
The Musicians: Mahler. 
Macmillan.  1975.

Donald Mitchell (Ed)
Gustav Mahler: the world listens. 
TEMA.  1995.

Deryck Cooke
Gustav Mahler: An Introduction to his Music. 
Faber & Faber.  1980.

Natalie Bauer-Lechner
Recollections of Gustav Mahler. 
Faber & Faber.  1980.

Norman Del Mar
Mahler's Sixth Symphony – A Study. 
Eulenburg.  1980.

Herta Blaukopf
Gustav Mahler – Richard Strauss: Correspondence 1888-1911. 
Faber & Faber.  1984.

Stuart Feder 
Gustav Mahler: A Life in Crisis. 
Yale University Press.  2004.

Kurt Blaukopf 
Gustav Mahler. 
Allen Lane. 1973.

Neville Cardus
Gustav Mahler: His Mind and His Music: Volume I: the first five symphonies. 
Gollancz.  1965.

Donald Mitchell
Gustav Mahler: The Wunderhorn Years. 
Faber & Faber.  1975.

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